Coalition of the Thrilling
Celebrate our hard work, our hopes and each other as we watch the results on a giant screen and dance with wild abandon. Wear your votergasm badges proudly. Join your fellow Patriots in this historic time, through unity we find strength. Crobar 530 West 28th St. 212-629-9000 Tuesday Nov. 2 9pm till Dawn Admission $5 bucks Reagan-Era Drink Specials RSVP The Coalition- Billionaires for Bush Axis of Eve Democracy for NYC DL21C NYS Young Democrats My Vote Will Count The Onion People for the American Way Music For America The League Of Pissed off Voters Theaters Against the War Run Agianst Bush SlamBush Code Pink Driving Votes Swing The State Cosmopolity Downtown For Democracy Greene Dragon America Coming Together
530 West 28th St. (between 10th and 11th Aves)
[email protected]