votergasm in savannah
On election night after voting come to river street with your votergasm cards and vote pins for identification and drink the night away on riverstreet….this way you can choose your favorite votergasm member before hedding to the hut for some late night nookie and there is no limit to the number of attending votergasm members. Requirements include A voter identification pen Must have a votergasm id card from Must be at least 18 (that goes without saying minors) Suggestions Wear Red White, or Blue outfits..this will also make it easier to pick you out of the crowd…besides you can wear black on any other occasion. Reminder This is a social event…you will make it what you will….no one is going to hold your hands and help you have fun…that is up to you remember VOTE and come to riverstreet for VOTERGASM
riverstreet savannah gorgia…. follow bay street to the heart of savannah from hw 17 or I95… assemble across the street from the olympia cafe….this allows you to roam the streets and clubs freely looking for the perfect votergasm member directoins to savannah also available on
[email protected]