Gainesville VG Meet-Greet
This will be a very low-key party, but our duties to Votergasm will be fulfilled! The party will start with a meet-and-greet at a local pub and then, once we’ve all had a drink and cheered for being good, voting citizens, we’ll take things from there. Please understand that this party is a very low-expectations meet-and-greet type of event. Everyone attending should be there primarily to *socialize* and have a good time. If you find someone to have your Votergasm with, great. Please do not come to this event if you’re going to troll for a partner, pressure people, or act sleazy in any way! To protect against the issues that the last party organizer had, we are making the following stipulations on who is invited to the party- the party is open to couples (and group relationships), bisexual single men and women, homosexual single men and women, and heterosexual single women. In other words- NO SINGLE STRAIGHT MEN. Additionally, the party itself is going to be a meet and greet at a local bar, with the intent of deciding what to do next. We can meet up and pair off, take trips off to other clubs, etc, etc. What happens, happens, and nothing is being promised by the party organizers. Just show up, make yourself known, and BE ENTHUSIASTIC!
The meet and greet will start at 8:00 at the 2nd Street Speakeasy. The 2nd Street Speakeasy is on SW 2nd Street in downtown, around the corner from Market Street Pub and across 2nd Street from :08 Seconds. Look for a “Votergasm!” sign when you get in.
[email protected]