Middletown Progressive Voter Hookup Party
Wesleyan University Squash Courts. Hot Sweaty Progressives and Radicals. All night CONSENSUAL Dancing, Grinding, Kissing, Licking, Feeling, Bumping, Voting, Rubbing, Protesting, Revolving, Waking, Rising, Groping, Marching, Fucking, Revolting, Sucking, Loving and Fighting. Depose the Despot. Subvert the Empire. Reclaim the World. Undermine the Power. Fight. Win. Get Some. NonVoters, Non-Pledge Takers, and Non-AntiFascists NOT WELCOME! Also, no Sparts. Sorry Sparts, we want no Vanguard action here.
The Squash Courts are in the building thats next to Fayeweather Gym. Wesleyan University. Connecticut.
[email protected]