All-American Voter Orgy-Fest ’04
We don’t care who you voted for or how many times you voted…all parties welcome, be they Ass or Trunk or the dead vote from Chicago. Special appearances by these famous Asses: B.S. St-rye-sand, Jorge Clooney-tuney, Al-Axe Bald-One, and E-Orr Allie Gore…and famous Trunks: Ronnie Ray-Gun, Dob Bole, Rudi Jules-I-On-Knee, and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. Girls, women, ladies must to escorted by naked clowns bearing gifts or will be asked to stay all night and required to listen to “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” for approximately 2.78 hrs. BYOB = bring your own bongo…VOTE! and remember to get loaded before you get here because Kennedy bogarts any and all alcohol within reach (both on land and in the water)…see you then! CIAO!!
17 Rush Limbaugh Parkway…Slapout, Alabama…..from wherever you are driving…keep turning right until you arrive. Party starts: Noverber 2, 2004 Party ends: four yrs or more from now
[email protected]