The Huey P. Long Memorial Bayou Area Votergasm
Go To The Brickhouse Tavern in Houma. After the election, let’s make love after making war. All parties welcome. Trunk or ass (Republican or Democrat), Liberal or conservative, even Nader supporters are invited. Get out and fucking vote and then vote to get fucking! This will take place in the Houma/Thibodaux area the night after election night, that’s Wednesday November 3, 2004 at The Brickhouse Tavern in Houma at 9PM. $1 beer and games for prizes will happen come one come all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] to help organize and orgasm or for more information Be a part of the Votergasm movement which is going to start the biggest orgy the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! Please bring an open mind, you never know what may happen or who you might reward or be rewarded by. Please keep abreast (or a breast) on details as they happen at the website
Take Highway 24 to downtown Houma. It is near Barrow Street and on Main. Parking is on the streets and behind the bar. You can find the Brickhouse on your right. It is across the street from the Risky Biscuit (which unfortunately burned in fire) It is located at 934 Main Street in Houma. Please come with an open mind. There’s going to be $1 beer and other drinks available for purchase. There’s also going to be ice breaker games to play to help encourage everyone to get in the mood. This is your chance to celebrate your right and civic duty to vote. I expect a nice turn out.
[email protected]