Election as Sporting Event!
Well since there is no hockey in November, Pittsburgh has no NBA team and the Steelers won’t be playing on the first Tuesday in November why not meet at the Damon’s in Monroeville to talk politics and get a little? Men, women, straight, bi, gay, Democrat, Republican… who cares? We’re all getting screwed by the government anyways so why not meet up, hook up and get a little sunshine in your lives? Happy hour runs at Damon’s from 5-7PM but I doubt even ABC will have called Florida for the Libertarians that early. Start floating in around 8PM and head up to the bar area. If someone could bring simple name tags for everyone or just themselves that would be great. Damon’s is a sports bar normally but with no sporting events on election night their great assortment of TV’s will do us just fine.
Monroeville, east of Pittsburgh where 376 (Parkway East) and the Monroeville/Pittsburgh exit of the Pennsylvania turnpike meet. Damon’s is in the Miracle Mile right near both exits. If coming from Pittsburgh on 376 you’ll want to make the first right at the exit stoplight. Look for Krispy Kreme on the left hand side of business 22. Damon’s is in the plaza, you really can’t miss it and if you’re looking for a bigger sign Media Play’s is the biggest. If coming from the turnpike you’ll want the exit that proclaims the exit for Pittsburgh’s North Shore site. It used to be exit 6 but they changed all the numbers in the last couple years. Anyways you’ll want to follow the signs for Monroeville/business 22 after the toll booth. Look for the same landmarks listed above, ironically both exits first light is the same light. If you’re coming off the turnpike GO STRAIGHT through the first light. Your first turn will be into the Krispy Kreme/Miracle Mile plaza. Public transportation, quite honestly I don’t know what bus line(s) service Monroeville let alone late in the evening in the hell of suburbia. Wish I could help more. If there are groups/friends coming from Duqesne, CMU or Pitt and voluteer drivers I’ll be happy to post rideshare information and keep it edited so you’re not piling 11 people into a Honda Civic. While that may be fun on the way home after 6 drinks and a bottle of vegtable oil with everyone’s clothes in the trunk with sober strangers it could be awkward. Oh, for the very adventerous there is a sex toy/porn store in walking distance of the location so any fetishes that you may share with someone you meet can be immediately fulfilled.
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