October 4, 2004                                                      Contact: Michelle Collins / Votergasm

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Votergasm.org: ÒThanks to Rush, tens of thousands of unmarried

18-to-25-year-olds will have hot, safe, raunchy sex on November 2ndÓ


(New York, NY) Last week, radio host Rush Limbaugh threw his support behind Votergasm.org, the web campaign promoting hot, sweaty, election-night sex for young people across America. From his incredibly powerful position in the American media, Limbaugh helped Votergasm.org get its message out to millions of young voters who now plan to have sex with their girlfriends, boyfriends, long-lusted-after crushes, or simply the sexiest voter they can find on the night of November 2nd.


ÒRush Limbaugh is the best friend the election-night sex movement has ever had,Ó said Michelle Collins, director and spokeswoman of Votergasm.org. ÒVotergasm doesnÕt care if two people have been married for 10 years or if they met 10 minutes agoÑthe important thing is that they have sex with each other on election night. Rush Limbaugh understands the urgency, the desire, and the passion that comes from post-voting sex, and we applaud that.Ó


Rush Limbaugh also advanced VotergasmÕs election-night sex agenda by suggesting a new slogan for the campaign: ÒVote Kerry. Get screwed.Ó This morning, Votergasm, which is non-partisan, unveiled a new line of shirts, featuring that slogan alongside ÒVote Bush. Get screwedÓ and ÒVotergasm: Increase voter turn-onÓ t-shirts. (Designs online at http://www.cafepress.com/votergasm.)


Votergasm.org was launched on September 4 by recent graduates of Columbia, Harvard, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. The site asks visitors to sign the Votergasm Pledge to have sex with a voter on election nightÑand withhold sex from non-voters for the next four years. (More than 17,000 people have signed so far.) In addition, it provides tools to organize election-night Votergasm parties and features erotic pictorial guides to activities such as requesting an absentee ballot.


ÒWhen Rush pledged to help Ôgenerate orgasms for ÔemÕ on Wedneday, I knew his endorsement would be crucial to our success in enticing sexy, nubile, first-time voters to engage in a wide variety of sexual acts after voting,Ó said Votergasm spokeswoman Michelle Collins. ÒFrom random hook-ups to drunken flings to anonymous couplings, countless young Americans will experience Votergasms on election night. They’ll vote, go to a Votergasm party to meet a voter, and have wild, mind-blowing, safe sex afterwards. Thanks, Rush!"


Votergasm.org is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that seeks to reverse two disturbing trends in American society: low voting rates among young people, and unacceptably low rates of youth sexual activity. 


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