Votergasm Parties in New york


Bogie’s Election Bash
Watch every step of the ballot count live on the big screen, as the polls close and another presidential term begins! Let’s embrace our wonderful country’s democratic process in style with cheap drink…


Brooklyn Hot spot
Join our Votergasm Party on Election night, it promises to be a LONG WILD night, are you in or out ? email me at [email protected] Must be 18-30 and signed the Votergasm pledge Must be free spi…


Rock trhe heights!
Come one, come all to the University Heights tonight. We’ll party along the strip until we find out who are next president is! Then there’ll be a few private parties of our own 😉


Reward your sexy voter at BJ’s Fredonia
We’ve all suffered through the election bullshit, so come to BJ’s after 9pm and wear your pledge badge (register at this site to print it – http://votergasm.c…


Votergasm Party In Geneseo!!!
SUNY Geneseo VoterGasm Party. To Be Held Saturday, November 6th. Everyone Is Welcome, However We Will Be Following The VoterGasm Pledge Policies. Location: TBA Time: 10PM – ??? Cost – TBD More …

New york

Beijing Party!
Party in Beijing with the American ExPat Community. Location is Goose and Duck. Keep posted for other location for live coverage Wednesday morning Beijing Time! Optional post election party Wednesd…
NYU Party
Saturday, Nov. 6. NYU rocked the vote. Now your world gets rocked. Students only. Safe setting provided. Let the recount begin. Email for confirmation, and name yourself as a Soccer Mom or Nasca…
Erotic Election Night Soiree (18-25 only)
Party for young, trendy folks – 18-25 and students only. Come and unwind after a year of politics. Celebrate the act of voting and the act of pairing up for some amazing, hot, erotic and passionate …
Votergasm Flagship Party – Meatpacking District
Vote, then party with the creators of Votergasm and hundreds of other sexy, eligible, young voters. Come to P.M. Lounge right after school or work and party until the next President is declared. We’re…
American Heroes Party!
Looking for a few good men and women to fulfill their Votergasm pledges. Come join fellow American Heroes to watch the results and party at a Soho Bar. Bring your democratic ideals, but leave your b…
Coalition of the Thrilling
Celebrate our hard work, our hopes and each other as we watch the results on a giant screen and dance with wild abandon. Wear your votergasm badges proudly. Join your fellow Patriots in this hist…


Rochesterian Sexulitical Revival (RIP)
Unfortunately, circumstances outside my control have prevented my ability to proceed with planning for this event, and I have been forced to cancel.
Whos Bush do you want to Kerry?
Come show your true colors and unwind. Dems, Republicans, Greens, Libs, Indpendents, and even Socials are more than welcome. Celebrate our democratic process and drink to your canidate with color-code…

Stony brook

SUNY Stony Brook Election Night Fiasco
SUNY Stony Brook Party at the University Cafe. Everyone is welcome, and you know we will be following the VoterGasm Pledge Policies alright. Party like it’s 2000, but this time sip a…


Sage/RPI Votergasm 2004
Vote early, cum often! The Ruck is the place to watch the results roll in. All the cool people will be there sporting their Votergasm badges. Wear one and be in the running for some great giveaways!!